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Temecula Senior Photographer // Sneak Peek…

Meet Justin…

A super cool senior from the class of 2010.  Lots more from this session on the way soon!

Maternity Session // Mandi is a Hot Mama!


I recently received an email from a fellow photographer, one who is in the beginning stages of our shared craft.  After exchanging a few emails I suggested we meet… on one condition.  I would tell her all about my journey into photography if she would let me photograph her.  (She is expecting her first little one in the spring.)  I think I got the better end of that stick as Mandi is absolutely gorgeous and willing to do anything to get the shot.  I LOVE it when my clients are also photographers!

We started inside, but quickly moved outdoors when I found out one of her favorite places is a park near her house.  The lighting was less than ideal, but we got creative and used some trees to our advantage.








Thank you, Mandi, for letting me share the afternoon with you, talk shop, and for being as excited as I am about natural light. :)  Can’t wait to meet the little one!

Family Session: The Hofmans

I ended 2008 in the best way possible… spending an afternoon with fantastic friends who don’t mind being in front of my camera.

If you’ve read my blog for any length of time, you are probably familiar with the Hofman family. I’ve known Thom since high school. I met Jenn when she and Thom were in the early stages of a relationship. I documented Jenn’s pregnancy last year with a maternity session. I visited when their son, Cayden, was a newborn. And as really cool people tend to hang out with other really cool people, I’ve also made new friends through them.

We met up on the last Monday of 2008 and headed over to Balboa Park to enjoy a bit of the fabulous weather. Afterward, we picked up ingredients from Thom’s favorite market, Whole Foods, and then headed back to the Hofman house, where I was treated to a gourmet meal and an evening of wonderful conversation. There are no words for how much I enjoy spending time with Thom and his family.

Back to the session… when we first started out at the park, we walked into this amazing pocket of sunshine. This first one is one of my absolute favorites. Isn’t Jenn gorgeous?

Since we started late in the day, I didn’t stress too much over the perfect location or the perfect conditions… I just wanted to document the Hofmans interacting and being a family. Thom and Jenn obviously dote on Cayden and are head-over-heels-crazy about each other. I love how much they all enjoy every minute together…

Thank you, Hofman family, for another beautiful afternoon spent together. And thank you for extending the evening to include dinner… Thom, you are an amazing chef!Â:)

An afternoon with Marisa

Sunday, I had to opportunity to spend some time photographing Marisa. For anyone who’s been following my blog for any length of time, she’s a familiar person in my photographs. When we first met, she refused to let me take her picture at all… putting a hand in front of her face whenever my lens was remotely pointed in her direction. Now, it’s a different story. She’s been called my muse… perhaps that is true. Whenever I have a new idea to try out, or am looking for inspiration, she’s the one I go to. She’s up for anything and is a natural model. For my birthday, she gifted me with a shoot… wherever I wanted, doing whatever I wanted. And it’s not that every time I photograph her is a big production… but I loved the fact that she made sure to set aside some time for me to hang out together and work together.

This is one of my favorite sessions of her to date. I was going for more of a lifestyle look and wanted her in a simple black dress. The light was gorgeous and very SoCal. Everything seen here was shot with the 85mm 1.8 and the 50mm 1.8. Both fairly inexpensive lenses that are fast and incredibly sharp. I also shot two rolls of color film. I’m so excited to get those back and when I do, I will probably feature a part II to this session.

The following shots are my favorite of this session… she’s such a beauty. (You’ll also notice that I forgot to consistently ‘shop her lip ring out. Oops!Â:)