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Personal // Helene + June

Helene is my most awesome wedding shooter sidekick extraordinaire.  And Lester A. Walker is my most awesome polaroid shooter sidekick extraordinaire.  What happens when the two collide… and we throw a Boston Terrier in the mix??

Polaroids that could double as missing Domino Magazine Covers.  Most Excellent.

‘Roid Week, Day 3: The Hofmans

When I have the chance, I like to shoot a little bit of film at my sessions. Remember the Hofmans? They were no exception. I whipped out my SX-70 toward the end of our time at the park and quickly went through a film pack before I lost all my light. It was pretty dark when we started, so a lot of these are blurry. But I don’t mind. I think the motion and blur actually show the energy and exuberance of a family with a toddler more than any image that comes out tack sharp.