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Deep Gresham

The Cheshire Family roadtripped it up to Portland a few weeks ago and stopped in at the Orr+Barrera house for a couple days.  In between exploring neighborhoods and taking in the Portland sights, there was lots of hanging out at the house and indulging in some fantastic conversation.  The weather was glorious during their time with us and toward the end of their stay, we happened to be in the backyard and the light was amazing and I just had to run and grab my camera and snap a few photos.

There is nothing in the world that I love better than spending some time with some of my most favorite people in the place that I love the best.  Come back soon, Cheshires!  xoxo

These crazy kids…

I met Marisa when she was 14.  I met Michael a few years after that, but it feels like I’ve known him just as long.  These two were meant to be together, like two puzzle pieces or PB & J (or PB & chocolate!).  They walk into a room and you instantly feel that their two halves make a whole.  They are partners in every sense of the word, equals in love and in friendship.  I am so happy they found each other.  And, I am so, so happy they cleared their busy schedules and spent a lion’s portion of a day hanging out in San Diego with me.  We snapped a few frames right before they left.

Love you, miss you, see you in a couple months!


Night Shooting…

Happy Monday!  How was your weekend?  I spent Friday night wandering around my city, bundled up against the chilly winter weather, with my camera in hand.  I love walking around at night and I love being able to photograph it even more.  As a photographer, I’m constantly searching for “good light”…  that perfect golden, sunset light or the early morning light, so soft and beautifully diffused.  At night, all that changes.  It becomes a game to find a way to light my subjects of choice…  headlights from passing cars, streetlights, illuminated shop windows, holiday twinkle lights… even the moon on a clear night.  The colors and shadows are infinitely different from those during the day and it forces me to see everyday scenes in a completely changed way.  Anytime I’m in a creative rut, throwing myself out of my comfort zone is a good cure…  and night shooting seems to fit the bill.

These are from the Hawthorne & Laurelhurst neighborhoods, with a bit of Downtown’s Ankeny street and the Burnside Bridge for good measure.  The bicycle is a Ghost Bike… erected in memory of a cyclist who was killed or hit near that street corner.

So Thankful…

At the close of this Thanksgiving day, I want to give thanks for a few things that have come to mean a lot to me over the last few months…

As this is one of my first big holidays away from my immediate family, I would like to give thanks for the multiple invites to Thanksgiving dinner that I received, ensuring I wouldn’t be spending it alone with a Hungry-Man turkey TV dinner and a Redbox movie.

For my friends and family who have continued to show support and love through grand gestures and small sentiments, even though I moved 1100 miles away… thank you.

I am thankful for hope and continued optimism and opportunities where I least expect to find them.

I am thankful for closing doors, final chapters, and resolution… for without you, I would never be able to look forward to the future.

I am thankful to be realizing my dreams… to be living in a place I love and am excited to wake up to every morning.

And finally, for those of you in my life who make my heart beat a little faster… and those of you who are good for my soul…. I thank you.

Hope you and yours enjoyed a wonderful holiday!  xoxo

Travel Photography // London, England

April 2011, will forever go down in my memory as an amazing month.  While lots of good things happened, most notably, I spent two glorious weeks in the United Kingdom.  It was the trip of a lifetime.

The itinerary included London – Edinburgh – Inverness – Liverpool – Bath – London, before heading home to the States.  We traveled via plane, train, and automobile (logging over 700 miles on the poor rental car).  I tried as much local fare as possible and visited more than my fair share of pubs & taverns (hence all the bar shots… ).  I walked until my feet hurt and then walked some more.  As an additional challenge, I knew I would be moving around a lot and carrying all my gear, so I brought only one camera and less than 20 rolls of film.  It was truly an amazing time.