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Deep Gresham

The Cheshire Family roadtripped it up to Portland a few weeks ago and stopped in at the Orr+Barrera house for a couple days.  In between exploring neighborhoods and taking in the Portland sights, there was lots of hanging out at the house and indulging in some fantastic conversation.  The weather was glorious during their time with us and toward the end of their stay, we happened to be in the backyard and the light was amazing and I just had to run and grab my camera and snap a few photos.

There is nothing in the world that I love better than spending some time with some of my most favorite people in the place that I love the best.  Come back soon, Cheshires!  xoxo

A Shift in Priorities…

This space has been so quiet lately…. not because I don’t want to share, but because things have changed so, so much, I’m not even sure where to begin.  I moved to Portland a year ago… this weekend was my 1 year anniversary.  It’s been incredibly hard to leave San Diego behind and I miss my family and friends terribly.  Besides being lonely, I’ve also been broke, bored, restless, sad, conflicted, introspective, giddy, content, happy, independent, and adventurous.  The spectrum of experiences in the past year has been vast and it’s made me a stronger, better person for having gone through it.  It’s also shifted my priorities to a degree I never could have imagined, even just one short year ago.  While I may or may not elaborate on all of those experiences in this space, I do want to make my stories and photos here more personal… less about work and marketability and more about life and living it.

And in that light, here is a small snippet from this afternoon.  A bit of peace found in a small Sunday moment.  xoxoxo

San Diego Family Photographer // The Cheshire Family

Fate.  Kismet.  Circumstance.  Coincidence.  If we’re lucky, one of those beliefs will step in and introduce us to some amazing people… folks who hopefully become lifelong friends.  Two and a half years ago, I was the recipient of some very good fortune when I met Josh & Nicole.

We bumped into each other during an engagement shoot, although not their own.  Lucky for me, they were blissfully happy and newly engaged and so we exchanged information.  I got to know them as we conversed over email, talked on the phone, shot their own engagement session and eventually their wedding.  And every time I saw them, I cherished our time together.  They are some of the most genuine, caring, and heartfelt people I know.

After the wedding they moved to the East Coast, but we still kept in touch.  Which is why I was super stoked to see them when they came out to San Diego on a recent family vacation.  The extra special part?  In the two years since I’ve known Josh & Nicole, they have added to their family with sweet little Jacks.

I could go on and on about this family, but I prefer to let the photos do the talking.  Thank you for being you, Cheshire family.  You rock my socks off. :)

Missing the Munchkins…

Just moved to Portland and already missing these guys.  I love being The Crazy Aunt. :)

Taking photos in the rain!

As rare as it is, it DOES rain in San Diego.  Sometimes.  Usually on a day I have a photo session.  The Jain Family was up for it though… and we have some gorgeous images to prove it!

PS… While his parents had no problem with hanging out in the rain, I can assure you, Baby was not subjected to the same conditions.  He stayed dry and warm the whole session.  My camera however, took one for the team. :)