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Learn to Shoot Film!

Last summer I took a workshop and finally learned to do what I have wanted to all my photographic career… to confidently learn to shoot film and leave behind the digital photography world.  It has been an amazing, albeit expensive journey.  It has also been worth every penny.

When Jon mentioned that he was going to be writing a book that read like a Clif Notes version of this amazing workshop, I about died.  And then started begging for a copy of my own.  When I finally got my hands on a copy, I about died again.  The “secrets” are all there: how to expose your film, the difference between films, choosing your camera, where to go to get your film processed… why you should even consider shooting film in the first place.  And of course, the photography is incredible.

If you are at all interested in pursuing film as your medium of choice, shooting it for personal work, looking to learn the basics, or just want to get your hands on some beautiful Jonathan Canlas photography, this is the book for you.  But be warned… although the book is inexpensive, you may soon find yourself completely hooked and jonesing for that next roll of Portra 400…

**Disclaimer:  I am not being paid, sponsored, or compensated in anyway for this promotion.  I love film.  I love good photography.  And I love to share photo info with anyone who wants to know.  That being said, there are a million+ workshops, books, actions, templates, and tricks out there on the market that everyone assures you is the big thing that will make you the kind of photographer you’ve always wanted to be.  The only thing that will actually do that is education and constant experimentation.  As far as the education part goes, this book of information is worth it’s weight in gold.  And totally worth that $89 price tag.  What you do after that is up to you. :)