Monthly Archives: October 2011

All Hallow’s Eve..

Halloween has been a low-key affair this year.  I don’t have a costume but I did go out and ogle everybody’s’ creativity this past weekend.  Hope yours is a happy (and safe!) one. :)

Sneak Peek // Jennifer + Joseph Shah

Friday Favorites // #5

The Hofman Family // Marston House, San Diego, CA

In the spirit of all things Portland, this video of No-Handed Bike Moves is brilliant.  While I’m still working on the Beginner, I aspire to the MGM Lion.

I’ve been a bit stir-crazy lately and have indulged in several nighttime walk-abouts in and around Portland.  With the holidays fast approaching, one of my favorite ways to decorate is with a simple, yet always magical, string of white fairy lights.

As always, some of the color palettes that have caught my eye this week: 1, 2, 3

I have 4 Eames chairs that are in some need of serious TLC.  This chair makes me so excited about a restoration project!!

Everyone needs a go-to chocolate chip recipe.  I haven’t made this one yet, but it looks divine.

With the launch of the new iPhone, the biggest buzz seems to be about Siri.  Here are just a couple people that have taken her retorts to the next level.  1, 2

Happy weekend, everyone!  xoxo

A Farmer’s Work is Never Done…

I went over to my uncle’s house the other day to photograph some of his beautiful trees that he is interested in selling.  While there, I took the opportunity to document the end of this year’s incredible garden, enjoy the last bits of good weather we’re supposed to get in 2010, and load up on some amazing produce.  It’s always a pleasure to be over at his place… in addition to picking up gardening tips, I love the veggies and flowers that he and my aunt so lovingly cultivate. Thanks again, Uncle Bill!

Pigment // San Diego, CA

One of my favorite shops to visit while I’m in San Diego is Pigment.  Besides being a place to pick up beautiful, unique pieces of art, jewelry, and home decor, their store is a visual delight.  The living plant wall is just fantastic.  The last time I was there, I was in need of a birthday gift for a friend and I made a sweet little custom terrarium at their “terrarium bar.”  Seriously, this place – and the owners – are super cool.  Just go, already….