Friday Favorites // #3

The Importance of Paper Airplanes // San Diego, CA

A lovely & warm wedding celebration shot by the amazing Kim Hayes (& second shot by yours truly!)

For those of you who have ever raised a toddler, I think you’ll be able to relate.  For those of you who haven’t, read it and see what you’re missing.

Although it doesn’t really feel like fall here in Portland (I’m still waiting for cooler temps so I can break out the flannel!), I feel like it’s time to gravitate toward a richer, warmer color palette.

The next time I’m looking to buy myself a present, I’m going to pick up one of these beauties.

This line of prints by Aled Lewis made me laugh out loud.

I love this colorful DIY.  What a great way to make a set of silverware out of a bunch of mismatched utensils.

On road trips, I have 3 must-haves: Coffee, jerky, and gummy bears.  This makes my mouth water.

How to get fun glitter nails!

Ferns are my favorite kind of houseplants.  This spidery Umbrella Fern just moved to the top of my list.

And lastly, I really, REALLY must buy this print.  With that in mind, HAPPY WEEKEND!



Nik - Coffee + gummy bears are my two road trip musts. Really. Where were you all my life? :)

PS: Adore the paper planes shot. Seriously. Cute.

Grandma Bethine - I can just see that Benjamin Franklin quote tatooed on your other arm.

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