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Friday Favorites // #2

So, I know I missed last Friday, but I am really determined to make this theme stick.  I have too many cool finds on the internet to keep to myself!

If you’ve missed what’s going on with me lately, here is a clue:

Who The Hell Are You? // Gresham, OR

A link to my chicken project (we just wrapped up photoshoot #4 this week!)

Need a new twist on the standard cupcake?  Try the cookie cupcake!

This is going to be my new standard uniform for fall.

I know Shark Week is over, but this photo tops everything I watched on Discovery!

I just built a chicken coop and am feeling pretty handy… a variation on these might be a perfect next project.

I love everything about the textiles in this cool teepee-styled shoot.

I don’t wear a lot of jewelry, but I am jonesing for these babies.

In a previous blog post, I mentioned that I was restless and searching for something…  This is going on my wall to help motivate me to create the change I need.

Not ready to let go of summer?  Me either… I’m heading down to San Diego one last time in the next week.  If you can’t take a roadtrip, at least watch this video.  You might even need sunscreen.

Happy Friday!  I’m off to 2nd shoot and hang out with this awesome lady (and amazing photographer!) for a couple days.  Enjoy your weekend!  xoxo


4th of July // Portland, OR

This photo is a huge departure from most of my work.  It is also one of my favorites.  I don’t know what it is about it that feels so right, but it’s one of the few times I’ve loved one of my own images so much, that I’m planning to print it up HUGE and hang it on my wall.

I think this photo is also a sign… This place has seen sporadic posting, at best, over the last few months.  I’m feeling lost on a lot of life issues at the moment, including this business.  I have lost the need to hustle… lost the hunger that a small business owner needs.  And I’m not sure I want it back.

While I foresee changes on the horizon, I promise not to abandon this place completely…  maybe just a bit more silence in between times while I sort out the personal.


Wedding Flowers…

Garrison Wedding // Vancouver, WA