Monthly Archives: July 2011

Friday Favorites

I’m going to start a new segment for Fridays that lists some of the gems I’ve found on the interwebs during the week that either really inspired me or made me laugh or stuck with me for some reason.  Instead of sticking them in an online folder to sit unused, I’d rather share them with all of you and see if you enjoy them as much as I do. :)

Redman Wedding, Hillsboro OR… second shooting for Stephen K. Shefrin

One of my favorite things in the ENTIRE WORLD is a perfect Iced Vietnamese.  Can’t wait to try this one out!

Are you a short-hair or long-hair aficionado?  I’m currently rocking the long, wavy locks, but this girl’s haircut is so tempting!

With summer’s heat upon us, I am loving this light & bright color palette.

I’d really like to try my hand at making my own soda.  This one or this one sound right up my alley!

Although I am a huge fan of color, my decorating tastes are always drawn to an all-white scheme.  What about you?

Happy Friday!  Enjoy your weekend!  xoxo

San Diego on my Mind…

From a recent trip to SD…

Happy Friday!

Scenes from a Garden…

Although I have been neglecting the garden, things are growing in spite of themselves…

Could you resist this face?

I didn’t think so…

Thirty-Three & Counting…

Thank you for all the amazing birthday wishes today… I feel so loved!  32 was pretty exciting… I quit my time as a cubicle-dweller and took on the role of full-time photographer.  It hasn’t always been easy, but I feel so blessed to do something I love.

In the last year I’ve also moved to another state, acquired chickens, met some amazing people, and switched from digital to film…  I have no idea how this next year can top all the changes that last year wrought, but I am definitely looking forward to finding out!

Here’s a (virtual) toast to all that 33 has to offer!

(Photo by the amazing Ciara Polikretis… Hair by the just-as-amazing Sarah Vaughan.)