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San Diego + Travel Dates

I’m heading for the open road once again, on my way to sunny San Diego for a week or two.  If you are in Southern California and want to book a session, send me an email ASAP as I only have a couple dates left.  On a related note, I’ve finally included the travel dates on this site, located in the menu under the button “travel dates”.  I love exploring new places and am always down for traveling for sessions and weddings.  If you’re interested in meeting and not local to Portland, Seattle or somewhere in between, check and see if I’ll be in your area soon.

In the meantime, thanks for all the brand-new website love and wonderful comments.  They each mean so much to me. :)

Balboa Park // San Diego, CA

It’s Alive!!

Last week, I said I had a big announcement and I know many of you have been super patient waiting for the reveal.  (Some, not so much.  xoxo)  Anyway, it has nothing to do with the state of my love life… and everything to do with a project that has been a year+ in the works.

Without further ado, I invite you to visit my new websites.

One of the reasons it’s been so hard to keep all this under wraps is because I wanted both websites to have brand-new content.  I’ve been spending the past 9 months creating an entire new portfolio of work, based mostly on film, and it’s been killing me not to be able to share it!  Whew!  And though I will be adding more content to the sites over the next few months, I couldn’t wait to get them up any longer.  I had outgrown my old websites…. while I had a lot of lovely memories and was sentimental about a lot of the images there, it was time to retire them and start fresh.  And I think I have done that here.  So!  Enjoy the eye candy, feel free to check out all the nooks and crannies, and if you have any comments (or constructive feedback) please send it my way via email, text message, or carrier pigeon.

One last thing… thank you to everyone who has graciously allowed me to spend time with them and put a camera in their face… in the past & for the future.  I would not be here without all the love and support of so many of you. :)

Friday I’m in Love… and a HUGE announcement!

Happy weekend to you… and stop by Monday for a HUGE announcement! :)

Goodby San Diego, Hello Portland! // Part 2

As I had made the drive up to Portland only a few months before, I knew what a long car drive this would be.  Add to that my dog, my cat, and a car full of stuff.  Oy.  Lucky for me, one of my best girlfriends offered to make the drive with me and help me get settled in.  Hallelujah!  And while I didn’t touch my camera on the way up (it was packed into a pretty tight spot) I did break it out when we were sightseeing, after arriving at our destination.  For our first outing, I took her up to Seattle, where we stayed with some of my favorite cousins and had a blast at Pike’s Place Market.  We even braved the icy winds at the top of the Space Needle, but fortified with cocktails and lunch in the revolving restaurant, we were nearly impervious to the icy winds (not).

The trip ended with a sweet pastry from Macrina Bakery and movie night at the cousins’ house.  Does it get any better than that?  (Answer: No.)

Goodbye San Diego, Hello Portland! // Part 1

Most of you know by now that I have moved from beautiful sun-drenched San Diego to lovely rain-drenched Portland.  If you didn’t know that… well, here is the official announcement. :)

I spent the last few days of my time in SoCal spending a lot of time with friends and family and walking around taking photos of some of the places I love.  Most of these are beach-related, but since everyone but the folks in San Diego are still in winter-mode, I didn’t think anyone would really mind.

I feel like I got my fill of Vitamin D just from writing this post!  Hope you enjoyed the sunshine because next up is Seattle!