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Celebrating a New Year…

I had high hopes for 2010…  While it didn’t disappoint in terms of adventure, it wasn’t exactly what I was expecting.  Maybe that is a good thing.  Maybe amidst all of the challenges, 2010 was meant to be a year for growth and reflection.

2010 wasn’t all bad, though.  I made some amazing new friends, I realized my dreams of integrating film into my photography, I finally was able to break away from the corporate world and strike out on my own as a photographer, and I traveled to some seriously cool locations, including spending a year with the Pacific Ocean as my front yard.  I still have my health and an amazing network of friends and family.  I do realize that I am lucky and I can’t wait to head into the New Year.

Happy New Year… may this one be the most amazing yet!

Montana Photographer // A Horse with No Name…

I visited Montana last summer. The reason for the trip was due to a spectacular wedding but one of the most amazing experiences happened on a day when I was shooting personal work.

Because we stayed in an isolated town, 30 miles from anything to the north and south, everyone involved in the wedding did a lot of driving.  Along one of the well-traveled roads, we noticed three horses in a field.  Each time we passed by on yet another trip to town, those three horses were there along the fence, in pretty much the same spot.  Whether for entertainment or sentry duty, I’ll never know why they picked that spot to hang out everyday, but they were always there.  (Eventually, we started joking that they were robotic horses set up for the tourists driving to Yellowstone.)  Finally, when I was able to take a few hours and explore the Montana landscape with my camera, I pulled over on the side of the road and visited the horses.  I wasn’t sure how close they would let me get to them, but surprisingly they were as curious about me as I was them.  I don’t think many people stopped to stay hi. :)

I haven’t really had a chance to be around horses much in my life, but being this close to such beautiful creatures brought out the 6 year old girl in me who always wanted a pony for Christmas.  It was one of those times when taking a chance and stopping to explore a moment was richly rewarded.

I Collect Songs About the Sea…


“Rolling Sea”

Wouldn’t you like to be
Out on the rolling sea
With only the sky above you for a roof

What if your friends were there
laughing all your jokes and chill
Sweet soft air within you, Wouldn’t that be good?

You know it never would

Wouldn’t you like to find
Yourself there sometime
Ducking when the bow swings your way

Whenever we make plans
You tell me you’re a busy man
That you’d go but you really should stay

Someday soon you’ll say…

Nothing escapes the rolling sea
Not the past nor you or me

You keep the world at bay
Should it all wash away
You wouldn’t feel no pain of losing kind
Gather the boat and wind and a few of your closest friends
Gonna ride and swim while the weather’s high

Oh it’s been such a long time.

San Diego Wedding Photographer // Red

Why not be daring and accessorize your beautiful wedding dress with some punk-rock & red?

More from this beautiful wedding soon…

Louisiana Film Photographer // The French Quarter

I was amazed not only by the beauty of New Orleans (specifically, the French Quarter) but also by the warmth and passion of the city’s people.  Southern hospitality is not a myth.  I would have liked to spend days photographing this city, but I somehow was found myself with only my backup camera, a couple rolls of film, 1 change of clothes and 48 hours.  Good thing I love a challenge…