Monthly Archives: September 2010

Destination Film Photographer // The Comet Tavern, Seattle

While in Seattle this past summer, I was lucky enough to hook up with my good friend Kim Hayes.  After I spent all my money on film, we decided we were ready for some liquid refreshment and went in search of a bar with character.  I think we found it in the Comet Tavern.  With a tasty beer in hand and most of the bar to ourselves, I couldn’t help but photograph a few of the details.  We missed the live music this place is known for, but if you’re ever in Seattle in search of drink, this place comes highly recommended.

Destination Photographer // Humphry Slocombe, San Francisco

One of my favorite things do to when I travel is to try new things… meet new people, try new activities, and of course, eat new foods.  When I visited San Francisco in August, one of the places on my list to visit was Humphry Slocombe.  With flavors like Secret Breakfast (Bourbon, Cornflakes), Jesus Juice (Red Wine, Coca-Cola) and Strawberry Candied Jalapeno, how could I resist?

Destination Wedding Photographer // A Montana Wedding

All the ingredients for a dramatically perfect Montana Wedding…

Much more from Kelly & Matthew’s wedding coming soon…

San Diego FIND Workshop // Laura Reaux & Cary Norton

I haven’t yet posted the work from the FIND workshop I took with Jon Canlas, mostly because I hadn’t gotten the film back until now.  It’s pretty late tonight, but in spite of that, I couldn’t help but post this instant favorite.

I would like to introduce the immensely talented Cary Norton and the immensely fabulous Laura Reaux.

More to come…

San Diego Wedding Photographer // Marina

Is there anything more breathtaking than a beautiful bride on her wedding day?

More from Marina + Dennis’ wedding next week!