San Diego Photographer // Tiki Oasis

I attended the Tiki Oasis Tenth Anniversary Extravaganza this weekend.  It was amazing!  Well, the small moments I got to see were amazing.  Because of a previous engagement, I was only able to attend a couple events in a weekend of festivities.  But oh my… the clothes… the costumes… the culture…  the mai tais…  all of it was fabulous.  These folks really know how to party.  And it is so cool that EVERYONE dresses up!  (A good way to get introduced to the world of vintage clothing is to check out places online like Retro Diva and Etsy or locally, like San Diego’s own Bedouin Vintage Collective.)  If you are like me, you’ll be signing up for next year as soon as tickets are available.

After a rum and chocolate tasting class, my fab friends Christy & April (the one who introduced me to Tiki Oasis) agreed to show me around a bit of the hotel and pose for a few photos.  Thanks ladies!

Sharlyn - I love the colors!!

Christy - The pictures came out great! Hope you can make it next year!

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