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San Diego Wedding Photographer // Laura + Josh

Laura + Josh are rad.  There is no other way to say it.  You may remember them from their engagement session and family session with their son, Johnny.  But it wasn’t until their wedding that I really understood the depth of their connection.  Every wedding I’ve ever attended is buzzing with a kind of nervous energy…  every wedding but Josh + Laura’s.  Instead, it was like attending a family get-together.  It was comfortable and homey, like a favorite pair of jeans.  The shared history of family and friends and a fierce love for each other and their son was a blessing to be a part of.  Plus, Laura made Josh the coolest groom ever when she gifted him with a record player.  Vinyl is still the superior means of listening to music.

Venue: Marina Village, San Diego, CA

Thanks to Helene Cornell for second shooting with me.  You are made of awesome!

A few of my favorites…

Thank you, Laura + Josh, for inviting me to be a part of your celebration.  I loved every minute of it… Best wishes to you for a lifetime of blissful joy, many more babies, and future happy hours at Lahainas with no rain. :)

If you haven’t seen enough of the happy couple, check out their slideshow.

San Diego Wedding Photographer // Gigi + Ardez

Of all the subjects I love to shoot, glass has got to be one of my favorites.  Reflections rock my world.

The Arrival of The Bride…  shot for Helene Cornell Photography at St. Mary Magdalene’s Catholic Church.

Personal // Pacific Beach Polaroids

And how was YOUR weekend?

San Diego Portrait Photographer // Bethine

My mom’s name was supposed to be Deann Bethine was she was born.  When she came into this world, my grandfather held her in his arms, looked her over and declared she looked more like a Debra Lynn than a Deann Bethine.  My grandma accepted this change of events but was disappointed, as her baby girl would have been her namesake.

Fast-forward 19 (almost 20!) years to a similar hospital room.  Just like last time, a little girl is born.  When the birth certificate is signed, my grandma is overjoyed as she looks at the baby in her arms… named Deann Bethine.

Since before I can remember, my grandma and I have had a special bond.  Perhaps it’s in our shared name.  Perhaps it’s because I am the only daughter of her only daughter.  Whatever it is, she has always been a huge part of my life.  I have a scrapbook of letters written back and forth between us when, as a small child, I lived hundreds of miles away from her.  Later, when we lived closer to her, I have memories of going to her house and watching her bake cinnamon rolls, learning how to quilt, watching her take notes in short-hand and getting ready for school dances.  Because of her, I have songs and stories and skills to someday pass on to my own daughter.

My grandma came to visit me recently, as we are back to living hundreds of miles apart.  We spent several days together, taking walks by the beach, hanging out with my friends, and sharing our hopes and secrets.  It was perfect.  I told her that if the opportunity ever arises, she will come live with me.  Just as she has always been a huge part of my life, I will always be a part of hers.

San Diego Family Photographer // The Correll-Forte Family Teaser

Though not technically perfect, I love this image from the awesome Correll-Forte Family.  Thank you so much for introducing me to Mt. Helix!

More from this session coming soon…