Personal // A Green Flash For Richard

… without whose balcony these photos would not be possible. :)

Most Southern Californians have heard about the elusive “green flash,” the green light that sometimes appears for a second or two as the sun goes down over the ocean.  In San Diego alone, there is a restaurant named after it, a great craft brewery, and a lending group, among other things.  I had seen the phenomenon once or twice in my life before, but since moving to the beach, sightings have been slightly more frequent, although no less thrilling.  The best days are when people gather at Lahaina’s, along the boardwalk, and on our balconies, watching the sun go down and holding our collective breath that we see a bit of green.  And when we do, the crowds erupt in applause, everyone in agreement that it was a good one.

Bonnie Brookshire - awesome! Thanks for sharing, D! I grew up in SD and still to this day have never seen the green flash! So stoked that you were able to catch it!

annalisa - it does almost look green.

Christy - Richard rules! So does the green flash! Good job!

claire - ahhhh, i always love your beach photos….except it just always makes me SO JEALOUS that i’m not there!

Melissa - I am so glad you got this. Now I dont have to sit and wait to see it. LOL I must say this is an amazing shot :)

kim hayes - I’ve NEVER seen it!! I’ve tried and tried, and it has never happened for me. Thanks for capturing it! I was starting to think it was an urban legend. I really need to keep up on my blog reading, you are posting a ton! ;)

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