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Personal // A Green Flash For Richard

… without whose balcony these photos would not be possible. :)

Most Southern Californians have heard about the elusive “green flash,” the green light that sometimes appears for a second or two as the sun goes down over the ocean.  In San Diego alone, there is a restaurant named after it, a great craft brewery, and a lending group, among other things.  I had seen the phenomenon once or twice in my life before, but since moving to the beach, sightings have been slightly more frequent, although no less thrilling.  The best days are when people gather at Lahaina’s, along the boardwalk, and on our balconies, watching the sun go down and holding our collective breath that we see a bit of green.  And when we do, the crowds erupt in applause, everyone in agreement that it was a good one.

Ohio Wedding Photographer // Keri + Oren

On a blustery day last March, I endured many travel snafus, plane delays, and cold weather to get to Keri + Oren’s wedding in Columbus, OH.  I had been waiting for that weekend for so long that I could hardly believe it was finally time to take the trip halfway across the US.  The wedding was especially dear to me as I had known Keri for 10+ years.  And when she introduced Oren to me, I knew she had met her match.  On March 14th, I arrived at the Franklin Conservatory, in awe of the backdrop for this most special of occasions.  At that instant I knew… these people knew how to throw party.

Thank you to Toby Varland of Varland Photography for assisting and second shooting with me!

Keri + Oren, thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your wedding.  I knew it was going to be an amazing reflection of who you are as a couple… it was warm and elegant and full of love.  Congratulations to you both!

If you’d like to see more photographs from Keri + Oren’s wedding, you can go here to view their slideshow!

Personal // Helene + June

Helene is my most awesome wedding shooter sidekick extraordinaire.  And Lester A. Walker is my most awesome polaroid shooter sidekick extraordinaire.  What happens when the two collide… and we throw a Boston Terrier in the mix??

Polaroids that could double as missing Domino Magazine Covers.  Most Excellent.

San Diego Engagement Photographer // Marina + Dennis

A wonderful (and chilly) afternoon spent with Marina + Dennis in Coronado…  more coming soon!

Personal // Film is Not Dead

For those of you who have read my blog for any length of time or talked to me in person, you’ll know that somehow or another I will eventually start talking about film.  Yes, digital cameras are pretty convenient, but there is nothing so beautiful and timeless as film photography.  I still shoot Polaroid, paying a premium for film for my SX-70, yet finding each shot so precious and unique that it is more than worth it every time.  I am slowly integrating film into my photo sessions, planning for it to someday take over my digital ways altogether.  The careful consideration in composition, finite number of exposures on each roll of film, and anticipation in waiting to get the film back from the lab, in my mind all add to the preciousness of the art.  And it is an art.  Without the ability to point, shoot, review, delete and repeat process, you have to be confident that you know what you are doing.  And in the end, the rich hues of a color photograph or the classic grain of a black and white image are so worth the lack of instant gratification.

And so, it is with great pleasure that I signed off on a package from the FedEx delivery person yesterday, knowing that my journey as a film photographer was just taken up a notch.  Or ten.  Test roll coming soon…