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Happy Weekend…


Enjoying time with an out of town friend;

Listening to these guys & these guys;

Loving the photography from this campaign + Art Brewer;

Trying to decide between this & this;

And most definitely looking forward to this.

Enjoy your weekend!

San Diego Engagement Photographer // Laura + Josh ii

We’ve already see that Josh & Laura are super cute… and make super cute babies!  But did you know they also take spicy HOT photos??  Laura’s sister took care of Johnny so we could take some engagement photos for them.  Previous to the session, Laura & I had discussed some things she could bring to personalize their photos.  I was so stoked when she showed up with skulls & Mexican blankets.  Not only were the items cool, but all that color was awesome.  And the best part of these images is that this is exactly the way Josh & Laura are together – they had amazing chemistry.  They are funny and cool and laidback and affectionate and totally in love with each other and their little family.  I looooooooved this session!  And I can’t wait for their wedding in May!

(Don’t forget to click on the images to see them big!)

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Updates… Old Blog, New Look!

I’ve been mulling over some changes for awhile and this weekend I decided to implement the first of many.  My blog was completely over-hauled and now, instead of wearing LA Gear, is sporting some new Christian Laboutins, so to speak.  I am toying with some new gallery options (long-time readers may recognize this format as it was used in an older blog) and would love to know your opinion.  Just click on the images to enlarge and use the previous or next buttons to scroll through.

These photos really have nothing to do with the blog post other than I needed some tester images and baby lips are waaaaay too cute to pass up.

Happy Monday!

San Diego Lifestyle Photographer // Josh & Laura

I posted a sneak peek of Josh & Laura’s engagement session a few days ago.  While the e-session photos aren’t quite ready, I got a special request to show some of the photos we took of them with their son Johnny.  As you can tell from the previous sneak peek, Josh & Laura are pretty cute.  And Johnny is proof that two cute people make beautiful babies!





Laura brought this rad poncho as a prop.  I loved all the color and this family shot of them with it is one of my faves!





I think Johnny will make an excellent assistant… in about 15 years.


Laura, Josh & Johnny… your family is so stinkin’ cute!  Stay tuned for your e-session photos! :)

San Diego Lifestyle Photographer // Getting Inked


Marisa turned 20 on Friday.  She asked for a Wii game and a tattoo.  The Wii game was easy.  Tonight was the tough one.


We played the waiting game for nearly an hour, nerves mounting and stomachs in knots.  I say “stomachs” because the other part of her birthday wish being that she not get inked alone.  Acquiring another piece of art was on my list of goals this year.  Yay for keeping resolutions!

Jake from 454 Tattoo was the man of the hour.  He drew up our selections, tattooed us with ink & needle, and even kept the conversation lively.  Definitely check him out if you are looking to get inked.  And aside from Marisa getting a bit woozy in the beginning, we came through like champs.



Marisa’s “Inspire” piece has been a long time in the making.  Inspiring peace & love are her life’s goals…


Initially awed by master film photographer Jose Villa, my phrase, “Film is not Dead,” is inspired by Jonathan Canlas & his love of film.  (If you ever want to see me really passionate about something, ask me why I love film so much more than digital.)  I’m so excited to be taking his workshop this summer… I know it is going to change the game for me.


It’s surreal and exciting to see this on my arm…  A permanent reminder of both commitment and passion to creativity & art.