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….aaaaand I’m back!

After a refreshing break from blogging, I figured I would have to post something really stupendous in order to make up for all the lost time.  So, I’m introducing the Jacobson Family.


Harmony is one of the ex-college roomies of a co-worker of mine.  I took photos of the co-worker’s family, who posted them on Facebook, where Harmony saw them and instantly had to have me take photos of her family too.  I love it when that happens!  Since Harmony and her family live in Hawaii, we weren’t sure when we’d ever be able to schedule a session, only that “someday” we’d make it happen.  Someday came sooner than later when my family decided that Hawaii was a great place to take a family vacation this year.  After a few emails, phone calls, and a puddle-jumper flight between Oahu & Kauai, I found myself at the Jacobson’s front door.

The first thing I noticed about the Jacobson’s?  They are tall.  No, correction.  They are TALL.  The second thing I noticed?  Harmony is made of funny.  Her blog is awesome.  She is awesome.  I would make her hang out with me all the time  if she didn’t live in the middle of the ocean.  And, perhaps because she is an amazing photographer herself, she had already geared up her family to have the raddest photoshoot ever.

We traveled to Ko Olina Resort for our session where the heat and humidity made it feel like it was 300 degrees.  But it was gorgeous.  And as Harmony and her family unpack themselves from the car, she says to me, “No formal shots.  I just want to see my family as they are.  Just do your thing.”  Seriously, Harmony… why don’t you live closer to me??












Colin had been working on a magic trick to show me…IMG_3777



I told the kids to go “dog pile” their parents… this is the aftermath of an ill-placed little boy’s elbow.  (Sorry, Blake!)





I’ve had a shot in my head for awhile that had a family snuggling up in a quilt together.  That’s kind of hard to do successfully when it’s 500 degrees out…



So happy they toughed it out though… this is one of my faves from the day…






We were having so much fun, I basically shot until it was too dark to see…


Harmony, Blake, Colin & Kate,

I am keeping my blue hair forever because of your enthusiastic endorsement.  Thanks for welcoming me to Hawaii.  Thanks for keeping me giggling the whole time.  You guys are the best!  XOXOXO

PS… you wanna know what our session was like from Harmony’s perspective?  Read this.

anna - AMAZING! Love it love it.

Indeed, Harmony is built of funny. We like it.

Harmony - Deann, I love them all over again! You have such a wonderful eye–we looooooved everything about this session. You really have a gift–I just felt like we were hanging out with this awesome friend of ours (and some dude that followed her around! HA!)

You are awesome for putting up the picture Blake getting hit in his man parts too. I’ll laugh every time I see that picture.

I’ll owe Anna for a long time for introducing us! There’s a killer Christmas card headed your way soon! Next time we are in San Diego, it’s ON!

Oh yes, and an inside joke for you. The Jacobson’s love their inside jokes. http://s13.photobucket.com/albums/a267/j_harmony/?action=view&current=Untitled-11copy.jpg

Thank you again!!!

alison conklin - what perfect memories. i love them all.

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