Remembering Indie


When I saw him on the Humane Society’s website, I knew he was the cat I had been looking for.  I love the Siamese breed and couldn’t believe I had found a 9 month old “Meezer.”  I raced down to the shelter and found him in a kennel… with a friend.  It turned out that the reason he was still in the shelter was because he could only be adopted with his “buddy” – a pretty little colorpoint with a serious anxiety issue.  The only way she could get along in the big, scary world was with this gorgeous cat by her side.

I took them home and named them Indie & Stella.  While Stella was cripplingly shy, running from the sound of even a footstep on the stairs, Indie was in your face… literally.  He would head-butt me persistently in his not-so-subtle reminder to pay attention to him.  He was jealous… luring my dates to invite him into their laps and then nipping at them when they went in to pet him.  He would whine incessantly until I gave into his demands.  Anytime I sat down, he would climb into my lap and make himself comfortable.  To put up with him was to love him.

But in spite of his attitude, he was a sweetheart.  He was beautiful, all slinky body and snake-like tail.  He was mischievous, pouncing on Stella when she least expected it and harassing the dogs.  He loved to play fetch and if you wadded up a piece of paper, you’d see him at your feet, waiting expectantly for you to throw it.  He had fangs – his teeth didn’t quite fit in his mouth, giving him a vampiric look.  He was sweet, loving it when I lifted the coverlet on my bed so he could burrow closer to the side of my body.  He was definitely my cat, following me around like a shadow, expressing frustration when something like a door (or a dog) prevented him from being at my side.

For the last month and a half, he has been so sick.  He hated the cat carrier, knowing that it would mean yet another trip to the vet and new medication.  Maybe it was his stubborness, but he never responded to any of it.  And finally, we exhausted all of our options.  So this morning, I said goodbye.  I don’t know what to do without my sweet bully of a cat wanting to be in my arms and in my face.  I have a feeling Stella is pretty lost too.  It’s a comfort to know that he is no longer in pain, but we’re already missing our boy.














Andy - Deann,

I’m so sorry for your loss. We have 3 cats and love them as much as I can tell you love Indie & Stella.

Bonnie Berry - What a beauty. I am so sorry for your loss.

Jenn Hofman - Deann, Our heart is aching for you. I do not underestimate the significant loss of pets, so sad. xoxoxo

claire - i’m sorry for your loss, but your photos of him are just lovely. i’m sure you’ll always treasure these.

Gretchen - Aww, Deanne I am so sorry to hear about this. When I lost my boy Robert, my life seemed to stop. I can’t imagine how hard this is for you. You’re in my thoughts.

Honey Stetson - I’m sorry Deann. :( This makes me miss my 3 mischevious cats that always sounded like they were moving furniture upstairs when they would play together. Hang in there…

Abigail Todd - Deann I quite understand your lost since we had one of our dogs die recently and she is still very much missed. Now we have a little chihuahua that is the baby of the family. He’s got that personality that makes you love him more than just as a pet. He is my little boy. I am so glad that you still have another companion in the house. Goodness how much we love them and miss them when they are gone!

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