Gresham, Oregon // The Chickens


Yesterday I mentioned that I’ve really been interested in the whole urban farming movement including, self-reliance, sustainability, and organic produce.  I’ve also been reading about folks who have started their own backyard barnyard experiments, raising anything from chickens and ducks to pigs and rabbits.  While I am not yet ready to trade in my city-girl slingbacks for farming togs, I REALLY like the idea of building a coop and having a couple of egg layers around.

On my last day in Gresham, we got together with my family one last time for dessert and conversation at my Uncle Billy’s house, down the road from my grandmothers’.  For as long as I can remember, my Uncle Billy has had animals normally found on a farm.  (When I was four years old, I vaguely remember the experience of milking one of his goats.  It was so neat to see the young cousins now getting to experience what my four year old self did.)  When he said that he was raising chickens, I got so excited.  In addition to picking his brain for chicken-raising info, I also got to take a few photos of the hens.







The rest of Uncle Billy’s yard is gorgeous and lush.  It borders a tree farm and there are fields of greenery for miles.  Also, his wife, my aunt Peggy, is a great decorator and has infused their home and property with a sense of welcome and charm.








Toward the end of our visit, I stalked little Luka, who wasn’t too busy playing in the garden to pay me some attention…



Up next… the final installment of the Oregon trip!

Bonnie Brookshire - Oh D! I am so in love with the way you see the world! These pictures are so amazing and full of appreciation!

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