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Anytime // Michael + Clarissa

Technically, nothing should have happened when Michael and Clarissa found themselves as seatmates on a roadtrip bound for Utah.  They were both going up to visit others…  romantically-inclined others.  But somewhere along the way, between the California and Utah state lines, something magical happened.  And now, married a little over four years, they share their home with their sweet puppy, Bella, and are living happily ever after.

When I asked my friend Steve if she could think of any one else I could use as test subjects for my film project, she immediately thought of Clarissa & her brother Michael.  I’m so glad she did!  We had such a good time catching up (I have known Michael for years) and telling stories.  And fighting off bugs.  But since we are all such troopers, it was going to take more than a few bugs to keep us from capitalizing on some first-rate sunshine and making some beautiful images at “Bumpy-Tree Park.”  (Otherwise known as Hillside Park, in El Cajon, CA.)















Thank you, Michael & Clarissa, for the lovely afternoon.  And for introducing me to a new place to shoot! :)


It’s late and I am sooooooo ready for bed, but I just had to share this amazing news from my friend/client, Jen Jackman.  She had asked ages ago if her fiance could use a photo from their engagement session in an article on Terry’s tattoo work.  Fast forward months later, I get a Tweet from Jen telling me to pick up the August issue of International Tattoo Art Magazine because my image is featured!  And not just any image, but a gorgeous full-page image from their e-session.  Yowza!




So, if you are dying to check out my handiwork in print, head over to your local bookstore and check out the August edition of International Tattoo Art Magazine… and don’t forget to check out Terry Ribera’s gorgeous work!

Married // Matt + Deborah

A stunning wedding at sea…  more to come soon.


Anytime Session // Sahar

Once Sahar got the photography bug, it was all over.  She bought her new camera, signed up for a photoshop workshop and a beginner’s photo class, has accompanied me on a client session, and can talk about photography for hours.  Which allows me to have great company these days. :)  I am so excited for her and her new-found passion and I look forward to collaborating with her in the future on all sorts of projects.  However, I hope that she doesn’t get too busy behind the camera because she is AWESOME in front of it.

Since all we do is talk about photo stuff when we get together, I thought it only appropriate to ask her to model for me so I could expand my film portfolio.  My trip to the beach with Sahar was a little foreboding… it was dark and overcast as I schlepped my gear to the shoreline.  But soon a bit of sunshine broke through the haze and we found ourselves in some pretty gorgeous light.  And since Sahar is a natural in front of the camera, I took picture after picture… all of them gorgeous.

I’ll have the film developed in a couple weeks and will be sure to post some of those images as well.  In the meantime here is Sahar… according to me and the Canon 5d.













Thank you, Sahar!  I had a blast with you on the beach… can’t wait to see you master both sides of the lens! :)

The Nelson Family

One of the perks of office-culture is sharing.  Stories around the watercooler, jokes from emails, cookies left over from a meeting… or a blog post of family photos.  When Melissa called Lesley over to check out the photos of her family in Felicita Park, Lesley couldn’t wait to get her own family in front of the camera.  While she has many photos of her and her son, or her husband and their son, they don’t have many of the three of them together.  Soon after checking out my blog, Lesley contacted me and we set a date.

I met Lesley, Jeremy, and their little man, Isaac, at Balboa Park on a warm summer day.  While Lesley and Jeremy were laid-back and casual, Isaac had other plans.  Balboa Park is a vast place full of fun and very interesting things… especially to a little boy with A LOT of energy.  When we weren’t running across the grass or climbing up stairs, we were examining treasures found on the ground and in the gardens.  The best part about this session?  It was so them.  I hope when they look at these pictures, they will remember this time of their lives as a sweet family of three.

(There were so many images that I loved, I decided to change up the format a bit.  What do you think?  Gallery or Individual image posting?)

Thank you, Nelson Family, for letting me spend an afternoon with you.  And thank you to Isaac for reminding me what a wondrous place this world is. :)