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‘Roid Week, Day 3: The Hofmans

When I have the chance, I like to shoot a little bit of film at my sessions. Remember the Hofmans? They were no exception. I whipped out my SX-70 toward the end of our time at the park and quickly went through a film pack before I lost all my light. It was pretty dark when we started, so a lot of these are blurry. But I don’t mind. I think the motion and blur actually show the energy and exuberance of a family with a toddler more than any image that comes out tack sharp.

‘Roid Week, Day 2: Marisa

“Some strangers become more important to you than family, maybe because you’re not expected to love them. You can leave them whenever you want to. Every moment together is a choice.”

- Walter Kim

Santa Monica

In honor of Polaroid Week, I thought I would share a few of my beloved Polas. Lester A. Walker is probably my favorite camera to shoot. Yes, he is old and quirky and I can’t shoot anything without making all kinds of adjustments and getting the stars to align just right. But, he is always up for adventure and conversation. (Well, a conversation-starter, anyway.) And being that a lot of my adventures include a non-photographer who would have me come out from behind the lens from time to time, sometimes Lester A. Walker is the best camera for the job.

Way back in February, we had decided not to do anything fancy for Valentine’s Day. It seemed cliche to go to all that trouble for one overly-commercialized and Hallmark-driven weekend (Cynic? Me?) when we actually celebrate each other all year round. But when Thursday rolled around and a long workweek was nearly behind us, a weekend getaway sounded pretty amazing – cliche or not. We ended up heading up the coast to Santa Monica, a fun little beach town that is all tourists and exploring and sunshine and perfect for being outside holding hands. We stayed at the Doubletree in Santa Monica, which was nice for it’s central location. Right outside our hotel was this cool parking garage for the Civic Center.

Then it was out to the pier. The sunlight was amazing and I was really excited to capture a little part of it on film.

Because the sky was so clear (as opposed to the cloud cover that sometimes blankets our coast) there were all sorts of folk lining up to take in the sunset. And the local musicians were definitely taking advantage of the extended audience.

We try to keep our road trips pretty low-key and this was no exception. My souvenirs were these glass bracelets from one of the vendors on the pier – $3 each!

The last few moments of the day. Going….



Once the sun went down the crowds dispersed, us among them. We walked back down the pier, people watching and eventually heading over to ride the Ferris Wheel.

The rest of the weekend was everything we were hoping… a lot of walking, relaxing and great conversation. I probably would have missed out of just enjoying the trip I hadn’t ran out of film. But I’m so glad I have these to remind me that spontaneous road trips are a must.:)