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Let’s Celebrate! Brinn Turns 1!

The day after Brinn’s session, her family celebrated her birthday. Her mom was a little concerned with the stormy weather and moved all the activities inside as a precaution, but it sooned cleared up and we had sunshine streaming through the abundant windows of the clubhouse where the party was held.

Brinn’s parents, Ed & Stacie, went all out for the festivities. Dad’s delicious cooking brought the guests back for second and even third helpings while Mom’s decorations delighted the children.

And the best part? They brought in Music for Kids to entertain the littlest guests. The kids thought it was the greatest thing since peanut butter & jelly! They had so much fun!

Even the parents had a good time. They laughed at the antics of their children and had a chance to catch up with friends and family.

And, finally the moment we were all waiting for… presenting the Birthday Girl with her cake!

Brinn had a mountain of presents to open, but luckily Mom and Dad were on hand to help her out…

Thanks for inviting me to share in Brinn’s big day! I had so much fun… with all the music and candy and yummy cake, how could I not? Happy 1st birthday, Brinn!

Brinn & Family… One year later!

Some of you may remember little Brinn from her newborn session. Being that she was born three weeks early, she was so tiny – small enough to fit into one of Dad’s baseball caps. Fast forward a year and you will find one of the happiest little girls ever to grace this earth. She loves to explore the world around her and she has one of the biggest, most infectious grins I’ve ever seen. On the morning of Brinn’s birthday, we headed over to Old Town, Temecula to commemorate her special day.

Brinn has some of the longest lashes I’ve ever seen! And those baby blues are a heartstopper for sure!

For Brinn’s birthday, her parents went all out. Mom even planned this awesome Candy Bar with all kinds of neat treats for the guests. For the shoot, they presented Brinn with the most perfect lollipop I’ve ever seen. However, it didn’t stay perfect for long!

And, last but definitely not least, one of the whole family…

Congratulations on one whole year of being a family! Stay tuned for a post about Brinn’s party… it was awesome!

Christiane + Jared… Married! (Part II)

(If you haven’t already, check out Part I of Christiane + Jared’s Wedding!)

After the ceremony, there were family photos and fun on the beach with Jared & Christiane before heading over to the reception. I’ll let the photographs speak for themselves.

This next photo may be my favorite of the day…

The wedding and reception were beach-themed, which made for some great details…

The next two photos were captured by Dylan…

And one more by Dylan…

Thank you so much, Jared and Christiane, for letting me share in your big day. You and your families were so warm and welcoming that I felt like a part of the family by the end of the night. Much love and life-long happiness to you both!

Christiane + Jared… Married! (Part I)

I know Christiane has been waiting on pins and needles for this post, so I probably shouldn’t make her wait any longer by writing a long, wordy post. Instead, I’ll say only that Christiane and Jared are an amazing couple and because of this, I knew their wedding was going to be amazing as well. The day was filled with much joy and love as their friends and family came together not only to celebrate, but also to lend their talents by taking part in the festivities. It made everything so much more personal and warm… the day couldn’t have been any more perfect.

To kick things off, Dylan hung out with Jared and the groomsmen while they got ready…

…while I hung out with Christiane, documenting details until she was ready to get into her dress.

And then the dress!

In the last few moments before the ceremony, I took a few images of Christiane in the quiet room.

Then it was time to go get married!

Mr. and Mrs. Jared Lawrence!

Stay tuned for Part II!

John + Lisa… Married! (Part II)

After the wedding ceremony and all the fabulous portraits were taken, it was time to get John and Lisa back to their guests. After all, they had a party to get to!

The reception was pretty amazing. The details reflected the couple’s love for their San Diego teams via the sports-related details. Even more awesome was the rockin’ party they had in the middle of the day. Even the Pala Mesa Resort staff couldn’t remember the last time a day-time affair was this much fun. Everyone was on the dance floor and the love and joy could be felt the entire day.

After the first dances and toasts, the floor was open to everyone who wanted to cut a rug… that ended up being everybody!

John and Lisa… thank you so much for letting me share in the beauty that was your wedding day. I wish you an infinity of happy years together!