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Matt + Deborah… Engaged!

Deborah and I had been emailing back and forth for awhile before we finally met. It seemed like every time we scheduled the engagement session, we got rained out – which is no small feat for perpetually sunny southern California. It was really important for Deb to get some sunshine in her images… she wasn’t sure when she would be seeing it again.

You see, when I asked Deb about how Matt proposed to her, she said they had gotten in backwards. They met in school, became friends, and then became a couple. They had been together several years when suddenly Matt’s office moved and he found himself with an amazing job opportunity – provided he was willing to move to London. Matt knew he couldn’t go to live halfway across the world without Deb, so he asked her to come with him and share his home and his life in England. It wasn’t until a few weeks later that he gave her a ring and formally asked her to marry him. However it was presented, Deb and Matt were meant to be together.

So, steeling herself against a few years of cloudy skies and adverse weather, Deb really wanted to get some sunshine in her engagement photos. And after a few false starts, the weather didn’t disappoint. As you saw from the previous peek, the light was amazing that day. And the location was so cool… this semi-secluded canyon where you could see for miles – all the way to the ocean. What a lovely way to spend an afternoon.

Thank you, Deb & Matt for such a wonderful afternoon. I can’t wait for the wedding!

Engagement Session Sneak Peek…

More from this awesome session tonight!

Never underestimate the power of the Blog…

I don’t think Nicole and Josh will ever read a blog without thinking of how they met.

They each had friends that were friends with each other. And those friends had a blog that Nicole and Josh used to read. And every now and then, as people sometimes do when a blog post hits a nerve or makes them smile, Nicole would leave a comment. And when Josh read the blog post, he’d sometimes check out the comments to see who, besides him, was following this person’s stories. When he found Nicole’s comments, his interest was piqued. Her words were insightful and relevant and showed a person with a sense of humor and intellect. Through her comments, he found the link to her blog and read it too. And then he contacted her to tell her he thought she was pretty fantastic. When they finally decided to meet in person, they both knew they had found The One.

After dating for a bit, Nicole moved to San Diego to live near the ocean, but especially nearer to Josh. They got engaged and began planning the wedding. And while walking through their seaside neighborhood one evening, they saw a photographer getting ready to shoot an engagement session. They pulled that photographer aside and asked for her card and told her they had just gotten engaged.

And that is how I met Nicole and Josh.

It’s amazing to me how we come to know our friends. Through Fate or a string of coincidences we are somehow drawn to people who we know nothing about, but fall as easily in with them as if we had known them forever. That’s how it is with Nicole and Josh. They are warm and friendly and quick to laugh. They have amazing chemistry with each other that I could only attempt to capture in photographs. Our afternoon at the beach was so much fun… I can’t wait for their wedding!

Thank you so much for the beautiful afternoon by the ocean. That sunset was incredible… and so were those cupcakes!Â:)

Long time, no post…

I know I’ve been a horrible blogger lately, but it’s for good reason… I’ve been shooting my tail off! I have a ton of fantastic images to share soon – they’re just not quite ready yet.

In the meantime, I wanted to share this short film that is amazingly beautiful… and made with 4500+ still images.

Notte Sento (English subtitles) from napdan on Vimeo.

This totally made my Monday morning… check out the rest of the blog for more beautiful moments in love.

Family Session: The Halls

A week ago, I got the chance to spend some time with the Hall family. Annalisa is a coworker of mine and I’m so thankful to have gotten the chance to know her over the past couple of years. Not only has she saved me in more than one situation, but she makes me laugh out loud on a regular basis. Without her, a long day at the office would be made even longer.

Annalisa’s husband, Geoff, comes up in conversation quite a bit and photographs of her two adorable boys cover her office wall, so I was excited to meet all of them after hearing so much about them. And I am so glad I did. Geoff is hilarious… I see where Annalisa hones her sharp wit. And the chemistry between them is fantastic. All I had to do was ask one of them to make the other laugh and suddenly they were both cracking each other up. Their family is so close… it was so much fun to witness and photograph those relationships.

Thank you, Hall family, for letting me spend an afternoon with you! I had so much fun… and tell the boys we can go to the park and play anytime!Â:)