Monthly Archives: February 2009

And new baby makes five!

My recent trip to Utah was a last-minute decision, but one that I was so happy about it working out. I got to see my (not so little anymore) brother Jared and his sweet, sweet family, including my newest nephew, Carson. I was thrilled to be there for Carson’s blessing, but being able to spend some time with my family made it even more special. Jared’s wife, Tanya, gets mad props for her fantastic baking skills and keeping my tummy stuffed with cookies. We went sledding, we watched movies, and we talked and laughed way past my regular bedtime. Thanks for being such wonderful hosts!

While I didn’t take too many pictures during the weekend, I made it a point to get a few of little Carson… and by a few I mean that I had about a half hour as I had mistaken my departure time and the relaxing afternoon I had planned turned into a very frantic hour or so. Usually newborn sessions are quiet and take as long as Baby needs to settle down and fall asleep. This time we had all the kids in the room playing, about six adults and a very wide awake newborn. It made for an unconventional session, but I think it fits my brothers’ family more than the traditional way.

As the resident big sister, Caitlin loves to snuggle with her new little brother…

This last one is special in that now all three of their children have been photographed in this blessing outfit with this handmade blanket. They already had a frame for this shot…

Thank you so much for letting me come and hang out with you guys! I can’t wait to see you all again this summer!Â:)

Out of the Office: WPPI in Vegas! (2/16 – 2/18)

I will be out of the office from Monday through Wednesday, attending WPPI for the first time. W00T!

I will have limited access to email during this time, so any emails will be returned on Thursday when I am back in the office.

In the meantime, I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s weekend full of love and candy hearts.Â:)

E-session: Jen & Terry

Way back when I decided I wanted to be a real photographer, my first order of business was my logo. I felt that if I had a real logo, I would be able to define my style and the kind of business I wanted to be. While it’s only one small element in setting up a business and brand, that was what I decided to focus on first.

Enter Jen Jackman, graphic designer extraordinaire.

I was introduced to Jen through a mutual friend who worked with her in publishing and design. I needed a logo and my friend thought Jen’s creative style would be a perfect fit. As it was my first time going through the design process, Jen was awesome… she was super patient, worked with me on revisions, brainstormed with me and essentially brought my ideas to life. Although my look has changed a bit since those early days, elements of Jen’s original design are an integral part of my branding and logo.

A long while passed and I heard from Jen again… This time is was because she had just gotten engaged and she wanted me to be her photographer! It was so fantastic to work with her again and not only because she and her fiance, Terry, are super people, but because they have an awesome sense of vintage style that any photographer would be in love with. (But what else do you expect from a couple of artists??) When we were talking about where to hold their session, Jen’s only request was that there be “texture.” Although Balboa Park came up as a potential location, I knew Old Town, San Diego was definitely the place to go. (Primarily because of this shot.) And I wasn’t wrong… the day was gorgeous, they brought props(!), and they were so much fun to hang out with – always ready to try something new.

Although I was tempted to show the whole session, I reluctantly whittled it down to these favorites…

Thanks Jen & Terry for a wonderful afternoon! Let’s do it again sometime!Â;)