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Out of the Office: 1/30 – 2/1/2009 (Provo, Utah)

You’re probably thinking, “Out of the office again? Is she ever in the office?!” and all I have to say is that when your baby brother and his wife have a new nephew for you to squish and squeeze and inhale baby scent, you’d be out of the office too.

I’ll be back on Monday and will share more images from Jen & Terry’s engagement session as well as new baby photos in the coming week!

(While this photo doesn’t have anything to do with the previous announcement, I just want to congratulate my friends Michelle & Mickey on their engagement. Michelle and I got together for a mentoring session last weekend and I just had to get a shot of her gorgeous ring!)Â:)

What’s with all the white stuff? (Vestal, NY)

Besides spending three glorious (though short) hours in the Big Apple, I also spent some time visiting family outside of the city. Mike and Marisa and I hung out with his mom, grandmother and brother for a couple of days, whiling away our hours playing boardgames, wandering through bookstores, eating out, and huddling together for warmth.

Mike’s grandmother is an amazing lady… she’s got character and fire, is very independent and is funny as heck. She also has this amazing house where it seems like time has stood still. Mike can remember playing in the same rooms of the house with the same furniture and same toys. Meanwhile, 35 years later, everything still looks brand new…

Before we left for the arctic tundra of New York, I had been inspired by this photoshoot by Nicole Hill Gerulat. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that her subjects are gorgeous and fun, but Nicole is a fantastic photographer, in and out of the studio. I had never shot in snow before, but decided I was up to the challenge. Armed with my new-found inspiration, and my two semi-reluctant subjects, we ventured out into the frosty outdoors…

Of course we had to have a snowball fight. Except that it was so powdery, I don’t think we could have actually made a snowball if we tried. Obviously that didn’t stop us….

Mike snapped a few shots of me so I could get in on the action too. Man, it was cold!!

After all the fun, we’d had our fill of snow for about a month. Ten minutes after this shot, we were back in the house, ransacking the hot cocoa stash.Â:)

Jen & Terry… Engaged!

I had an amazing session with Jen and Terry this afternoon. The light was perfect and they had great chemistry. I can’t wait to show all the images from today, but for now, I’ll leave you with this one…

Stay tuned for the rest!

Three hours in the Big Apple

What does one see with only three hours in NYC?

Last weekend we visited Mike’s family, about 3 hours north of New York City. It was during a cold snap that left us West-Coasters scrabbling to put on every item of clothing we own. Seriously, how does anything survive the arctic tundra that is -10 degrees??! It was a short trip and I was bummed that we weren’t closer to the city – a city I love more than nearly every other city in the world (except for Portland, Or., which is the city of my heart. And it’s definitely tied with San Francisco. And maybe Boston at Christmastime.) At the last minute, we decided to leave early in the morning of our last day to catch a few hours of sight-seeing. A three-hour tour of the city yielded the following photographs…

You can’t miss the NYC Taxis. I love them. I love their cheery yellow-ness. I love the fact that they are everywhere, like ants. And I love the motion blur in my shots as I capture them in action. Seriously, I must have 20 photos of taxis. They are a city icon to me.

When Marisa and Mike finally succeeded in dragging me away from the taxis, we headed to the Empire State building. Since Marisa had never visited the city, we figured it was a must-see site.

And an arm’s length shot of us, on the 86th floor, freezing our SoCal butts off…Â some say 3′s a crowd, but I prescribe to the “more the merrier” philosophy.

The pigeons agree with my assessment of the weather…

After taking in the NYC skyline, we headed over to take in the energy that is Times Square…

I was working the layers here… I think I’m up to five. And don’t be hating on my hat. I love it.

One more shot as we headed back to Grand Central Station and ultimately, our car that would take us to the airport. I love this wall as much as I love the NYC taxis.

Oh New York, how I love thee! Next time, let’s not just meet and run, shall we?

If I had red tights, I’d dance too.

The first of the New York images. More to follow soon…