Monthly Archives: November 2008

Anytime Session: Brinn the Bumblebee

Back in October, right before Halloween, I was asked if I would be interested in a session with the cutest bumblebee in the world.Â:) Mom and Dad bought Brinn an adorable Bee costume and wanted to get a few shots of their daughter all dressed up. I loved spending time with Brinn and her family and seeing how much she has grown from her last session, when she was tiny enough to fit in her father’s hands.

We went to the park by their house and had fun playing in the sunshine and the grass. While I think Brinn had a good time, she was so curious in everything around her, she had no time for the three adults trying to get her to smile.Â:)

Thank you for letting me spend an afternoon with you guys at the park. Can’t wait for our next session!

E-session: Christiane & Jared

Sometimes, we should really listen to our parents.

When I was a teenager, I was the type of person who heard her parents impart some wisdom and then went off to do exactly the opposite. I mean, what did my parents know, right? I was a complicated, independent, almost-adult who didn’t need to be hovered over by protective parents. I was sure I knew it all.

Luckily, Jared and Christiane realized that Jared’s dad, Rusty, might be on to something when he told Christiane, “You really need to meet my son.” And instead of doing exactly the opposite, they decided to trust “Pops” and meet each other. So, they met. They spent time together playing music. They bonded over their love for the beach. They hung out with each other’s families. And somewhere in the course of having fun and getting to know each other, they fell in love. I had the pleasure of photographing Jared and Christiane for their engagement session, on a beautiful autumn afternoon. (On the beach, of course.)

I can’t wait for the wedding next year!Â:)

Family Session: Vaughn-Padigos

The fun part of photographing Sarah and Gene and their children is that we have history. I’ve known Sarah for several years as she once gave me a fantastic haircut. And then we were in a haircut relationship and we’ve lived happily ever after. (Seriously, if you are in need of a good hair-stylist and are in the San Diego area, look no further. She rocks.)

Anyway, since that fateful haircut, I have photographed her family several times… as a family of three, maternity photos, newborn photos and now as a family of four. Those kids grow so fast! I love to see how they have changed and how their personalities emerge and how they are truly awesome little people. Besides all that, Sarah and Gene make beautiful, beautiful babies. With four gorgeous people and that awesome Southern California light, my job is just plain easy.Â:)

Sneak Peek: Christiane & Jared

As much as I love the Pacific Northwest, I don’t think I could ever get a shot like this up there. In November.

More from this session in a couple of days!

Family Session: The Garrisons

Someday soon, I will get through all of my Seattle/Portland trip pictures. I promise. They won’t keep popping up at the strangest times… like, say, 6 months after I’ve returned to California. I think I even may be able to wrap them all up this week! *fingers crossed*

In the middle of my trip to Seattle in October, I couldn’t stand it anymore and decided to drive down to my beloved Portland, Oregon. I was so glad I went! While I was only there a short while, I was able to visit with some of my favorite people, including my cousin David and his sweet family. I would have loved to hang out with them regardless, but this time was extra special because they recently welcomed little Balin into their world. I asked if I could spend a couple hours with them and photograph them as a new family of four.

As a side note, when I arrived at their home and was looking for the best available light, I went out to the backyard. They apologized that it was so overgrown and started telling me about the home improvement projects they had in store for the space. I had to laugh because it was PERFECT the way it was. The light was magical, everything was green and wild and it was beautiful. I was so glad they hadn’t had a chance to change it yet.Â:)